5 Steps to Anti-Aging and Glowing Skin

5 Steps to Anti-Aging and Glowing Skin

Any makeup artist will tell you that prepping skin is the most important step. Having great skin makes it so much easier to apply makeup and even get on that bandwagon that even some famous actresses are doing and not wearing makeup at all. The bare skin, dewy, bright eyes look is what we are all craving, and makes us look effortless especially as we age. When you read on you might think there's not much here and you're right! Anti-Aging can really be this simple.

Step 1

This is where serums come in. They are my favourite and deliver so many antioxidants and benefits to our skin barrier and help protect it from the harsh environmental elements.  


Step 2 

Masks help depute our skin and get rid of that deep down dirt that causes inflammation but they are also a great time to remind ourselves to take a moment for ourselves and relax in a tub with our eyes closed.


Step 3

Moisturize! If you live in any of the harsh elements Canada has to offer you know very well as a Canadian girl you need so much help with that dry skin our winters give us.  Moisturizing keeps skin looking dewy and ageless and gets it ready for your makeup routine.


Step 4

Seal everything in with an SPF as much as we want a summertime glow. Remember we must protect ourselves from those UVA/UVB rays as they cause the most damage to our skin and create those nasty wrinkles and puffiness.


Step 5

Skin Treatments, this is a must when we are following a great skincare routine. Sometimes we just need a little boost from time to time.  Your face will glow with radiance with whatever extra stimulation you decide is right for you.


The Anti-Aging Secret?

Keep it simple ladies and enjoy that youthful anti-aging look year round!



Vitamin C ladies this is your best friend not only does it ward off harmful environmental elements it helps brighten your skin and ease inflammation from damage.

Moisturizers help seal the skin’s barrier and protect it from environmental factors.  The fact is when you live in a dry climate this is so important to help all those serums and your skin not lose their hydration too quickly.

Serums penetrate the skin faster than creams; they help damaged skin at the cellular level to help reverse damage.  This repair of the skin’s cells helps smooth out your skin and deliver that glow and suppleness.

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