Calgary Anti-Aging - Retinol Vs. Bakuchiol

Calgary Anti-Aging - Retinol Vs. Bakuchiol

The hardest part when going natural for anti-aging is giving up those products that claim to erase wrinkles and turn back time. For years the only product that has really been changing skin for the best anti-aging results is retinol, even though it causes skin irritation and sensitivity to sunlight for me, what was the option for those wanting a plant based product?

Meet Bakuchiol

Meet Bakuchiol, this comes from the seeds and leaves of the “batch” plant traditionally used in Chinese medicine to treat skin diseases. This wonderful plant based product has been proven to improve fine lines, wrinkles, skin elasticity and firmness; and it is becoming one of the main ingredients in so many natural skincare product lines.

This safe alternative to Retinol mimics the same benefits but you don’t get the dryness and flakiness of Retinol. Now some will ask, isn’t Retinol just a natural form of Vitamin A? You are correct it is but typical retinol contains preservatives and Parabens that you want to avoid. Retinol also has many side effects like flaking skin, irritation, redness, sun sensitivity and should be avoided if pregnant. 

Bakuchiol gives you all the benefits of Retinol minus the dryness and flakiness


  • Reduces Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Fades Age spots
  • Smoothes rough skin
  • Increases Firmness
  • Helps with acne prone skin
  • Improves skin texture

I introduce to you the best natural product I have ever tried - Illuminate Skincare Serum -  HALO

This adaptogen-rich tonic comes to life through a formulation process that transforms the powerhouse hydration properties of Tremella Mushroom into a smooth hydratonic. Infused with a tribe of vitamins, including two forms of antioxidant-rich Vitamin C, Vitamin B and the cell rejuvenating powers of Bakuchiol (known for it’s Vitamin-A driven regenerative properties). Halo is a masterful reverie that leaves skin deeply hydrated and nourished; a skin committee of regenerative herbs and replenishing hydration promoters that rival the powers of superstar actives like Hyaluronic Acid and Retinol, without the side-effects. Harbour your skin in a Halo, for every complexion.

Research has shown firmer, more youthful skin is seen after 12 weeks using a product containing Bakuchiol morning and night.  Whether you have used Retinal in the past or are thinking of starting, Bakuchiol is a great plant based alternative to start with before entering the world of prescription topical medical products.

It is a plant derived product which we love, and its multi tasking and has been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines. It also promotes skin’s natural collagen levels to boost that firmness.

While you always need to wear an SPF, BAKUCHIOL does not make skin more sensitive to sunlight and UV rays.  It is plant derived and therefore does not break down in the sun causing sensitivity.

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