What Does Natural Mean?

What Does Natural Mean?

Natural. This word is attached to everything from, natural skincare, natural food, natural beauty, natural boobs, natural childbirth, natural lighting, natural water the list is endless.   One thing we know this word brings us feelings of trust, peace, cleanliness, it makes us feel better emotionally and contributes to our physical well-being.  We think of images like sunsets and warm breezes on the ocean, mountain springs, and fresh air filled with the smell of rain.  The word natural means different things to different people, for me it means naturally derived ingredients that work with your skin rather than against it, to nourish, repair, hydrate, and replenish. Its products are free of harmful chemicals, irritants, and preservatives, eco-friendly and cruelty-free.

Why Go Natural?

Natural skincare products are derived from mineral, plant, or animal by-products. There is currently no governing body that has specifically laid down any guidelines to classify products as ‘natural.’ Many skincare companies take advantage of these grey areas within natural skincare and classify their products as natural even if they use synthetic ingredients in their products. These marketing tactics make it difficult to understand what natural truly means so it is important to do your research ahead of time and look at the ingredients used in your products.

Defying Age has set its foundation on bringing you the highest quality natural skin care products that you can trust.  Natural skincare offers gentle results eliminating the irritation and harmfulness of commercially available products while reflecting on our natural values, returning our focus to ourselves and the environment.  

Top Reasons to Use Natural Skincare Products

They enhance your well-being and make you feel empowered about your health choices, you get the real nutritional benefits from using natural products that are gentle on your skin and won’t harm you in the long run.

They give you long-lasting healthy-looking skin that nourishes and stimulates cell growth without using chemicals or toxins that can cause premature aging

Earth Friendly chemical products go down the drain in our own homes when we use natural health and beauty products that are farmed and manufactured organically fewer chemicals are put into the air and water.

The word “naturals” definition is existing in or caused by nature, not made or caused by humankind. Caring for our skin is one of the easiest ways to ensure long-term skin health and radiance.  Natural skincare products combine essential vitamins, botanicals, and minerals that heal and restore our skin without harming our earth.  Don’t be surprised when natural becomes one of your favorite words. Feel good and confident about what you put on your skin, and in return, your skin will thank you with a healthy glow.

Natural Products FAQs

When looking at your skincare ingredients, watch out for parabens (methyl, propyl, butyl, etc.) as well as synthetic fragrances and metals such as aluminum. These ingredients have harmful effects on your endocrine system and disrupt hormone imbalances if used on a regular basis for an extended period of time.

Natural skincare products can be defined as something derived from a plant, mineral or by-product. In order to check authenticity of a natural product, make sure to check the products ingredients. Defying Age specializes in bringing you 100% natural products so you can feel confident in what you are putting on your skin. Organic skincare products have stricter standards that they must follow and never use growth regulators or herbicides/pesticides in their products.

When a cream, serum, or lotion is applied to the skin, ingredients contained within will sink through the layers of the skin and into the bloodstream. When using synthetic, chemically infused creams, these harmful ingredients will not only harm your skin's outer layer but will seep into your bloodstream causing a direct effect on many of the body's processes. However, if you are to use a trusted, natural product without all of those harmful ingredients, the benefits of the product will not only help your skin, it will also avoid all negative health effects resulting in you feeling and looking your best.

Honoring Yourself and The World

Honoring Yourself and The World

We can all do our part to create a better world. From buying Canadian products that are natural, effective, ethical and eco-friendly, to sharing information through dialogue that contributes to increased awareness and knowledge. 

Defying Age wants to facilitate the conversation and give you access to wellness products you can trust. We would love to hear from you! Explore our site, shop online, and reach out to us through our contact form or by calling (587) 355-8296 with any questions or comments.

Join Our Wellness-Conscious Community

From natural skincare and treatments to essential oils and sanitization products, Defying Age is creating a community of consumers and providers who care about the effects of beauty, health and wellness products and services. We distribute only Canadian products that meet our strict guidelines because we believe beautiful products should not come at a price to the environment, must be local and ethically-sourced, and must deliver performance while upholding the standards we represent. 

We invite you to explore our site, shop online, and reach out to us through our contact form or by calling (587) 355-8296 with any questions or comments.

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